Yamaha 40VWHTOL 40HP 2 Stroke Tiller Steer Long Shaft, Electric Start, Power Trim & Tilt

Yamaha 40VWHTOL 40HP 2 Stroke Tiller Steer Long Shaft, Electric Start, Power Trim & Tilt

40VWHTOL - Manual & Electric Start, Tiller Handle,Tilt System - Electric Start, Transom height - Long

Here’s a range that offers terrific, versatile engines with unbeatable value for money, outstanding power to weight ratios and world renowned reliability. 

Our proven three cylinder design with loop charging fuel intake delivers great fuel economy and smooth, responsive acceleration.

  • Excellent reliability
  • CDI ignition provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range
  • Loop charging boosts power and fuel efficiency
  • Precision Blend oil injection system (on applicable models) guarantees the optimum smooth running, excellent durability and eliminates the need for pre-mixing two stroke fuel.
  • Sharp responsive power
  • Three cylinder design has stood the test of time and proven to be hugely successful with a range of boat owners.


General Features:

  • Pre mix 100:1
  • 24 L Fuel tank & hose
  • Shallow water drive
  • Lighting coil


Engine Type 2-Stroke, In-line 3
Displacement 698.0 cc
Bore x Stroke 67 x 66 mm
Recommended Max RPM 5000-5500
Lubrication System Oil injection (ETO, WHTO), Pre-mixing (MHD)
Fuel Management Carb
Ignition CDI
Starter System Electric (ETO), Manual (MHD), Manual & electric (WHTO)
Lighting Coil 12V - 80W (MHD)
Alternator Output 12V - 6A with rectifier regulator (ETO, WHTO)
Operation Method Remote control (ETO), Tiller handle (WHTO, MHD)
Trim & Tilt Method Power trim & tilt (ETO, WHTO), Hydro tilt (MHD)
Digital Gauges Tacho (ETO)
Fuel Tank Capacity 24.0 L
Gear Ratio 1.85 : 1
OEDA Emission Rating ????


Transom Length
  • 40VETOL : 533 mm (21 in)
  • 40VWHTOL : 533 mm (21 in)
  • 40VMHDL : 533 mm (21 in)
  • 40VETOL : 88 kg
  • 40VWHTOL : 93 kg
  • 40VMHDL : 84 kg


CDI-E: CDI-Electronic Automatic
CDI-M: CDI-Microcomputer
TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition

Prices do not include fitting or accessories where applicable. 

Engine 1

Engine Make Yamaha
Horse Power 40
Fuel Type Unleaded
Drive Type Outboard
Stroke 2-Stroke